Terms and conditons


• All students will be given the minimum of 20 hours of in-class theory and 10 hours of homework links. A grade of 80% or higher must be achieved in order for a student to commence their 10 hours of in-car lessons. (Both online and in class courses)

• An administration fee of $75 will be applied if a student cancels after having already started the course. If the student has not begun training a registration fee of $25 will be assessed.

• On the day of course registration for online courses payment must be made in full. Payment must be given first day of in class instruction when done on site. Payment options can be discussed with the office but must be made in advance. Failure to provide full payment by the above stated guidelines will result in the halt of all in car lessons until payment is received. There will be a charge of $20 for all N.S.F. checks.

• To cancel a driving lesson, you must notify your in-car instructor at least 24 hours beforehand. Failure to do so will result in a fee of $50 for the cost of replacing a 1 hour driving session. Failure to have proper footwear and a license will result in a cancelation of appointment and will result in a $50 fine.

• For all in car lessons instructors have a 15 minute leeway before and after the scheduled time for an in–car lesson to begin. This window of time is to account for traffic and inclement weather.

• Signature Driving has a zero tolerance policy in regards to abuse to our in car instructors as well as our administrative staff. 

• Students will be considered completed only when ALL components of the course are finished. Completion of the course will be confirmed and documented with the MTO electronically and no documentation will be issued upon completion. For proof of course completion the student must obtain their own copy of their driving history record at a Service Ontario office.

• Students have a maximum of 12 months to complete the full course. Commencing on the first day in-class instruction. After 12 months, students will be required to re-take the course. Therefore, pay the full course fee again.

• You will be required to pass a 20 minute G1 exit test similar to the one used by DriveTest. You must achieve a mark of 75% or higher to be certified with the MTO and pass drivers education.

• All students must return their completed home links book on the final day of the in class instruction. If the homework is not received the student can not commence their in car lessons until it is handed in. The replacement cost for a home links book is $10.